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By choosing a NASDAL member as a professional advisor, you gain access to a pool of expertise.

For example, we collect information annually to benchmark the profit and loss accounts of dentists in practice. We use these statistics to help our clients benchmark their own business performance. In addition, the quarterly goodwill survey helps dentists and other professionals keep up to date with practice values.

We also have guidance on getting started in self-employment and buying and selling practices. The interests of our clients are protected by the NASDAL charter.

Benchmarking statistics and goodwill survey

Every year members pool information from their clients’ accounts. This is done anonymously without names or any identifying factors, so that NASDAL members can build an average profile. This survey produces benchmarking statistics to help NASDAL members provide the best possible advice to their clients. Since 2008 we have started gathering quarterly goodwill data of practices that have been sold or acquired by members clients across the whole of the UK, on an anonymous basis. This data enables NASDAL members to be aware of up to date goodwill values for NHS private and mixed practices.

> More about the benchmarking statistics here.

> More about the goodwill survey here.


The NASDAL charter is a commitment to high standards of service.

We aim to:

be friendly, courteous and approachable.

maintain high standards of advice and service

respond promptly.

If in your view, the services of a NASDAL member do not live up to your expectations, tell us.

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