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The flexible way forward

Claire Knowles considers the options for dental practices.

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  Title Date Author / Publication
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  Baby steps - three different stages of a dental career November 2016 Bill Miscampbell / Irish Dentistry
  A Way Out - three different stages of a dental career November 2016 Jonathan Bethel / Irish Dentistry
  Leap of Faith - three different stages of a dental career October 2016 Patrick Miscampbell / Irish Dentistry
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  Auto-enrolment - what you need to know February 2016 Alan Suggett /
  Incorporation - is it right for you? October 2015 Alan Suggett / the business of dentistry
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  'Staggering' increase in the cost of compliance September 2014 Nick Ledingham /
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  Dental guarantees April 2014 Damien Charlton / The Dentist
  Sorting out hygienists' pensions is no easy task January 2014 Amanda Maskery / The Dentist
  When Sid and Bill met Russell January 2014 Russell Abrahams / The Dentist
  Strong but chaotic November 2013 Louise Fegan / The Dentist
  Introducing pensions October 2013 Catherine McNulty / The Dentist
  Keeping a close eye August 2013 Bob Cummings / The Dentist
  Problems with incorporation June 2013 Ajit Thakrar / The Dentist
  When death intervenes May 2013 Edwin Ross / The Dentist
  Wholly and exclusively April 2013 Willie Mackenzie / The Dentist
  The new legal landscape March 2013 Andrea James / The Dentist
  When is a partnership legal? January 2013 Damien Charlton and Nick Hancock / The Dentist
  Essential tips on maximising tax relief December 2012 Cliff Fleming and Scott Hallesy / Fixtures and fittings - Scottish Dentistry
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  Data protection October 2012 Chris Davies / The Dentist
  Measuring success September 2012 Alan Suggett / The Dentist
  Restraint of Trade August 2012 Andrew Lockhart-Mirams / The Dentist
  What's going down? July 2012 Ian Simpson / Business of Dentistry
  The end of the relationship June 2012 Peter Holland / The Dentist
  Safeguarding pensionable pay and the ARR April 2012 David Paul / Dental Tribune
  Know your NHS Schedules February 2012 Alan Suggett / The Dentist
  Time and Tide January 2012 Nick Ledingham / The Dentist
  Weighing it up - an update on the employment status of hygienists January 2012 Bob Cummings / Dental Hygienist and Therapist
  Selling and Buying December 2011 Puja Patel / The Dentist
  Golden Hellos October 2011 Bob Cummings / The Dentist
  Five ways to improve practice goodwill September 2011 Alan Suggett / PPDentistry
  Practice sale and minimising tax June 2011 Andy Hodgetts / The Dentist
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  Giving more to employees January 2011 Lee Muter / The Dentist
  Compliance reviews December 2010 Dawn Foden-Smith / The Dentist
  Cash in hand November 2010 Nick Stewart / The Dentist
  Exit strategies September 2010 Chris Pomfret / The Dentist
  Learning the lesson July 2010 David Paul / The Dentist
  Budget Analysis May 2010 Bob Cummings / The Dentist
  Choose with care April 2010 Dougie Paton / The Dentist
  Use tactics March 2010 Alan Suggett / The Dentist
  My bank manager February 2010 Paul Kendall / The Dentist