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Alan Suggett

NASDAL Goodwill Survey – market continues to bounce back

Alan Suggett, specialist dental accountant and partner in UNW LLP who compiles the goodwill survey, said, “I am pleased to see the practice sales market behaving in a resilient fashion and continuing its upturn as we hopefully leave the worst of the pandemic behind. In the many conversations that I have with professional advisors, banks, agents and so on, it is becoming clear - at least anecdotally - that there is less enthusiasm for NHS practices at this time.”

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Press releases

  Title Date
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  NHS Dental Prototypes: Positive but 'teething issues' November 2016
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  Cost of compliance rockets - 1086% hike in just 10 years September 2016
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  Chancellor still after pensions March 2016
  Chancellor will attack pensions February 2016
  NHS Practice values surge ahead January 2016
  Osborne creating a 'corporates' charter' December 2015
  Autumn Statement - Property bears the brunt November 2015
  Launch of Scottish NASDAL section November 2015
  New agreement will make practice sales 'more straightforward' October 2015
  Practice Sales 'stable' in NASDAL Goodwill survey October 2015
  Concern that dentists are unaware of massive changes September 2015
  NASDAL's guide to the budget in 2015 August 2015
  Cyber criminals and dentistry July 2015
  The route to incorporation is still open June 2015
  Demand and not profitability dominates dental practice values June 2015
  United Kingdom? Not for dentists May 2015
  New rules allow new parents to spread out their leave April 2015
  Private dental practice values edge upwards in NASDAL goodwill survey April 2015
  NASDAL welcomes new exit route for dentists March 2015
  Profits of the average private practice just outstrip NHS practice according to NASDAL survey March 2015
  Budget is (mostly) good news for dentists says NASDAL March 2015
  When good news is bad for associates January 2015
  Mixed practices have most allure January 2015
  Management madness at CQC December 2014
  Autumn statement brings frustration for dentists with incorporation plans December 2014
  Policy on NHS incorporation still unfair and ambiguous despite important victory by Northampton dentists November 2014
  Expense-sharers and the CQC November 2014
  Changes to NIC alert from NASDAL's Bob Cummings October 2014
  UK dental practice market 'very strong' October 2014
  Andrew Lockhart-Mirams elected NASDAL Lawyers' Group chairman September 2014
  845% increase in cost of compliance is "staggering" July 2014
  Private buyers and small groups gain ground over large corporates in practice sales June 2014
  Don't throw a spanner in the works May 2014
  When goodwill goes bad April 2014
  Goodwill Survey April 2014
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  Young dentists demonstrate confidence in their futures January 2014
  The 'magic' ingredient essential for sales of incorporated dental practices January 2014
  The Autumn Statement: the devil is in the detail December 2013
  Pension penalty trap: don't be an unwitting victim November 2013
  Child benefit payback warning October 2013
  July 2013 Goodwill Survey August 2013
  CQC hurdle at the point of sale warning August 2013
  Practice sales, pensions and pragmatism July 2013
  Singing from the same songsheet July 2013
  Dental practice sales market strong - but chaotic July 2013
  There may be repercussions if ARRs are not correct, warns NASDAL June 2013
  Rising costs a factor for dental practices in the latest benchmarking stats April 2013
  Expansion of dental teams made easier by 2013 Budget March 2013
  Why it's a good idea to check your NHS pension March 2013
  Bigger practices with NHS contracts still command higher values March 2013
  Heavy penalties for dentists who breach tooth-whitening regulations February 2013
  Snowed in or snowed under - advice for employers January 2013
  New guidance ends associate pensions confusion? January 2013
  New pension clarity for NHS training practices January 2013
  Decision time is nigh for Child Benefit opt-out January 2013
  Dip in values in latest NASDAL survey on goodwill December 2012
  NHS pensions are a tax target for the Chancellor December 2012
  Christmas is coming, hide the mistletoe December 2012
  Illegal and legal dental partnerships November 2012
  Act now on a fixtures review to avoid repenting later November 2012
  PAYE: online or off limits September 2012
  Sellers market prevails in dental world September 2012
  Latest goodwill survey August 2012
  NASDAL statement on tax avoidance June 2012
  The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - do you know the drill? April 2012
  Profits down, costs up in NASDAL stats for 2010-2011 March 2012
  Incorporation guidance from NASDAL February 2012
  Be wary, advises NASDAL January 2012
  Dental practices committed to NHS hold value December 2011
  NASDAL lawyers create standard contract November 2011
  The Pension Rights of NHS Principals in Limited Companies October 2011
  Pensions deadline for associates with limited companies October 2011
  Associates lose out in pension confusion September 2011
  Andrew Lockhart-Mirams on BDA Roll of Distinction September 2011
  Softening in goodwill values September 2011
  NASDA + Lawyers = NASDAL August 2011
  Superannuation certificates could be positively dangerous July 2011
  Dental practice goodwill on the up in last quarter June 2011
  CQC regulations cause the law to be broken April 2011
  No more 'Get out of Jail Free' card April 2011
  Associate Limited Companies March 2011
  Dental profits reduced or static in 2009/10 March 2011
  NHS practices holding their value in NASDA goodwill survey December 2010
  Superannuation: the crown jewels of the NHS December 2010
  Good dress sense keeps tax bills down! November 2010
  NASDA goodwill survey reflects rising dental practice values October 2010
  Dental practice market buoyant but chaotic September 2010
  Dental practice sale completion in record time August 2010
  NASDA secretary becomes tax specialist July 2010
  NASDA warns dentists to braces themselves for tax increases June 2010
  Don't let a short practice lease be a barrier to a sale May 2010
  Private practice suffers in 08/09 March 2010